1.Are you a profit-making company?

Yes, at PrintTree we are a limited company goverened by shares investing our profits to develop our business and support the environmental and social work that we do with our partners at Brogues To Wellies.

2. What percentage of your monies is invested into your charitable work?

At printtree we are proud to say that we invest over 19% of our net profits to our sustainability projects with a view to increase this in-line with the growth of our business.

3. Do you offer open days or public events?

Currently we do not offer open days or public events with our partners at Brogues To Wellies. As we grow and develop our sites, we will be looking to ways in which we can further engage with our supporters and the local communities. Please keep an eye on our news feed or subscribe to our monthly newsletter to keep fully up to date.

4. Do you offer your trees for sale?

Currently our nursery developed with our partners at Brogues To Wellies will be focussed on growing trees for our projects. Once we start to have surplus stock or outgrow our site, we will look to offer trees for sale.

5. Do you use electric vehicles?

Our electric vehicles have been ordered and we await news on when they will become available for delivery.

6. Do you use renewable energy?

Yes, our web domain is hosted by kualo, whilst the energy we use on site and in our office is provided via renewable sources here in the UK.

7. How can I help PrintTree and its partners at Brogues To Wellies raise funds?

You can support us in three ways; One, purchase you printer ink and toner cartridges via our online store. Two, donate via our crowdfunding pages (launching soon).Three, become a partner.

8. How Can I join the movement and become a volunteer?